Thanking John for helping me find my lost wedding ring

Mar 25, 2017 | | Say something

I was with my family at the beach last weekend having a wonderful time in the sun and sand, so much fun in fact that I didn’t notice I had lost my wedding ring until we were on our way home and the panic set in. I knew I had it when we were at the beach, but now it was gone. On top of that, it was starting to get dark and there was almost no chance we would find it once the sun went down.

We got back to the beach and low and behold, nothing to be seen. I was sure it was gone forever. We ended up deciding to stay the night at a local hotel so that we could continue the search first thing in the morning when the light situation got better.

While we were at the hotel, I did some searching on how to find lost jewelry at the beach, and I came across a site which suggested reaching out to local metal detectorists who may be able to assist you in your quest.

I reached out to a few, and then I got lucky. John from Mr Metal responded almost straight away and offered to help me the very next day. We met John at the beach and he got to work. Within 5 minutes he had already found my wedding ring buried just below the surface. He brought along a whole heap of metal detectors to help him, but in the end didn’t need any more than the one he started with, which he tells me was an at pro detector, so perhaps if I ever lose something else, i’ll have to invest in one of those.

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