Promise Ring Promises

Oct 20, 2019 | | Say something

A promise ring can promise many things. Although the most popular usage for promise rings is their exchange between young lovers, they can also be exchanged between close friends and family members. Let’s take a closer look at all the various usages a promise ring can have, or in other words let’s see what a promise ring promises.

The original and most common usage for promise rings is for them to be exchanged between two young lovers. Promise rings do not have the official or religious meaning that engagement or wedding rings have and can therefore be used to symbolize a strong commitment between lovers that feel they are not yet ready to be engaged or married.

Today, promise rings are also used as a way to tell someone you care and feel deeply about him. A promise ring exchanged between friends comes to symbolize a close relationship that will not be weakened with time. Such a ring, worn by two friends that share a long history, is a truly special present that can be given for a friend’s birthday.

Promise rings can also be exchanged between family members. Buying a promise ring with a special inscription is a great present for mothers or fathers day. You can inscribe a promise ring with the names of all children in the family and a thank you message for all the care and affection you have received over the years. Promise rings can also be exchanged between brothers and sisters, or even all family members.

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