I am always one to resist fall because I dread the end of summer so much. Summer is my first love. Fall, however, has slowly crept up into my lap and is winning me over with treats and steaming mugs of pumpkin spice tea… just a little, though.

I truly believe in living in the moment, and I am trying to practice what I preach, so with that I made a list of exciting things to do from now until all the trees are bare and Christmas carols sweep our radios.

1. Make Paleo Cinnamon Rolls.  I was never a big cinnamon roll lover until I found this recipe. Lezzbe honest, the combo of a hot cup of cocoa and a fat, chewy cinnamon roll cannot be beat.

2. Take a roadtrip to the Northeast. Kyle has never been to Boston and I’m dying to go explore the North. I think a weekend roadtrip to Massachusetts could be the best November activity ever. He would love a tall glass of Oktoberfest and I’d love to see the coastline.

3. Go red head. YES! I finally grew some cahones and have decided to color my head red after seeing this post. My life feels like a wild adventure most days and I want my hair to reflect that. Now to decide just how red…

4. Go apple pickin’. Because duh.


5. Make a lot of pies. Particularly this apple pie recipe, this pumpkin pie recipe, and this pecan pie recipe. You can never have enough pie, I always say.

6. Top said pies with this homemade coconut milk french vanilla ice cream — which is THE BEST paleo ice cream recipe I’ve ever had.. and I’ve had many, my friends. #icecreamaddict

7. Roast ‘mallows by the fire with our friends. Using this marshmallow recipe. Maybe even make s’mores? Mmm…

8. Go hiking. Not that I’m all that outdoorsy, or that I even own hiking boots. But there is something to be said about standing on top of a mountain, and seeing a canvas of leaves painted brightly in yellows and reds.

9. Buy a new pair of riding boots. I love the weathered, old look of these boots. But I love these, too.

10. Listen to this playlist over and over. Preferably while wrapped in a big cashmere sweater, wearing Minnetonka’s.


Here’s to living in the moment and embracing each season as it comes. (I still miss you, summer).


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*original source unknown. if you or someone you know owns the image, please let me know!


Sometimes summertime calls for an internet hiatus. Mine wasn’t intentional at first, but it sort of just happened. We’ve had family in town, and I’m really using every excuse I can to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible with them. Being indoors during the summer months is my idea of torture.

But I’m ready to be back! So here’s what I’ve been up to…

Kyle and I competed in our first CrossFit competition two weeks ago and had the best time ever! We’ll definitely be doing more competitions in the future. August will be 8 months that we’ve been doing CrossFit consistently and seriously; we’ve both seen incredible changes in our bodies, improved strength and lifestyle as a whole. To say that CrossFit has changed our lives would be an understatement. I’ll be sharing more on my experience with it next week in a more dedicated post.


Our garden has been bursting with fresh produce! It’s my first year being involved with the garden and I’m learning a lot. The cherry tomatoes are flourishing, but we had to pull out all of our cilantro because it went to seed and flowered before we could harvest all of it. If you don’t pay close attention, things can go wrong quickly. We have cantaloupes and watermelons still growing on overturned pots to prevent them from rotting. And the zucchini, squash, and cucumbers have been doing so well that we’ve given a lot away. Oh, and I just love all of our fresh herbs.




I’ve been working hard to build my Honest Goodness business, and with that recently launched two new delicious products: a Snickerdoodle and a Pecan Maple Blondie. You wouldn’t believe how perfect they taste. Feast with your eyes… (then visit our shop).


I’ve been consistently paleo for 8 months now and have seen life-changing results, not to mention I am feeling better than I ever have in my whole life. I’ll be sharing more on that next week, ‘cus there’s so much to share, but for now I’ll just say that I lost weight I didn’t think I had (a full pant size), and I’m eating more now than I ever have (calorie counting? what is that?). It’s really freakin’ awesome.


Any exciting plans for the weekend? We’re planning on going stand up paddle boarding and catching some rays. We’re also setting up at a local Farmer’s Market tomorrow, selling yummy Honest Goodness treats! I’m so excited.


intern copy


I am looking to hire an intern, local to the Greater Philadelphia area (Bucks County/Montgomery County, PA) who could possibly end up being a permanent assistant to work alongside me in the development of Honest Goodness, and also with making things run smoothly here on Style Activist.

Are you…
Goal oriented?
Hilarious (funny works, too)?
A fan of kale?
A drinker of protein smoothies?
Familiar with almond flour?
Interested in photography?
Awesome (you totally are)?

If you are, we could be a deadly duo! Seriously, I would love to hire a great gal who loves life, making magic happen, thinking outside of the box, and who is passionate about sharing happiness and health with the whole wide world!

My business is growing and I can’t keep up! Hence my sad lack of blog posts lately *sob*.

You’ll be assisting me with day-to-day tasks for Style Activist, helping me brainstorm and create new content (wahooo!), taste-testing new cookie flavors, even helping me bake and ship orders all across the nation, and more. The pay is commission based, of course you get to eat lots of treats (now you can’t say nobody pays you in cookies), and you’ll be given lots of opportunities with nationally recognized companies, brands, and more.

We are opening up a new Honest Goodness Foods HQ in the next month (!!!!!), which will also be Style Activist’s HQ, so we’re going to be, like, legit.

We believe in happiness, health, adventure and magic. I’d LOVE to find someone who could add some of her own magic to our team.

If you’re interested, please e-mail your resume to styleactivist@gmail.com. Honest inquiries only, please.

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photo cred: DuckDuck Collective

I’m going to tell you a secret that may or may not surprise you: THE NUMBER ON THE SCALE DOESN’T MATTER. Those triple digits? FORGET THEM. Capiche? 

For some sad reason, so many of us have identified our self-worth around a number on a scale that truthfully says nothing about who we are, how healthy we are or are not, what size our jeans are, etc.

We step on our scales only to feel dissatisfied and defeated, allowing it to somehow control our mood for the rest of the day.

That is a day you will NEVER get back. And the way you felt? You certainly set the bar real low for allowing good things to come into your life, didn’t you? And another secret: the more time you spend hating yourself, the longer you are going to stay at that number, and the longer you will remain the same.

Enough of the nonsense! Stop feeling sorry for yourself! Throw out the scale and start paying attention to more important things.

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*photo by DuckDuck Collective

Without further adieu, here she is! The new blog! Isn’t she pretty? Go ahead, explore, look around… click on links, make yourself at home. It’s pretty cozy here, huh? I’m kind of emotional about all of it. It’s so much more than I could have imagined! We’re still working on tweaking a few things, so don’t mind the small changes still happening…

I have a lot planned for you guys that I’m so very excited about. Many of you have been e-mailing and tweeting me questions about my recipes and my workouts, etc. I promise to have your questions answered in posts and in all the ways that I can. Keep the questions coming!

Once you do some clicking, you will notice the Health Coaching link in the top nav bar. I am now a practicing holistic health coach and have opened up my practice to online clients! Woo hoo! You can get all the information you need in the Health Coaching pages, and if you have any further questions, feel free to swing me an e-mail.

2013 is going to be quite the year! With the new look and direction of my blog, new personal goals, plans to expand my business and help as many people as I can become healthy and fit – there are bound to be some amazing discoveries and stories to share. You can read all about it right here. I have good stuff in the works for you. Get excited.

You’ve inspired me, so let me inspire you.


PS- Huge thanks to Hey, Sweet Pea for designing such a gorgeous piece of work that is my blog. I’m in love.

PPS- Another very huge thanks to DuckDuck Collective for taking incredible images of me for my site. Your work is flawless.

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