I think I want to live in this outfit for all of Autumn. All opposed go away. No but seriously I’m all about the badass basics. It’s funny to see how much my style has evolved over the years. I want nothing to do with fussy clothes anymore. And lezzbe honest, I rarely wear heels these days. As a health coach, a baker, and a CrossFit trainer, high heels are most definitely not in my daily wardrobe. After I’ve been squatting all day, the last thing I want to do is stand on my tip toes. So comfy boots it is. The earrings are for a little needed bling. And the polish? Because I’m all about the classic red nail, 365.

1. Phillip Lim Embellished T-Shirt {frugal} /  2. Zara Coated Trousers /  3. Essie “Head Mistress” /  4.  Dolce Vita Tallulah Boots

5. Current/Elliot Infantry Jacket {frugal} /  6. Warby Parker “Preston” Glasses /  7. BaubleBar Earrings

bikini season

1. Aviators \ 2. Despi Bikini \ 3. Isabel Weekender \ 4. Isapera Sandals \ 5. Wappo Bracelet \ 6. Seafolly Kaftan (ON SALE!)

Summer is my all. time. favorite. thing. ever.  Popsicles, neon toenails, ripped cutoffs, beachy waves, sunkissed skin, summer concerts, late night swimming, sandals, bikinis, bright colors, the smell of the ocean… I could go on forever, but you get it.

I gotta say, this will probably be the first summer of my life that I’m not feeling self conscious in a bikini. I’ve always been into fitness, but since starting CrossFit this past winter? I kinda feel like a whole new woman. I feel confident and strong! It’s taken me a lot to actually say that, but when Kyle and I went to the beach a few weekends ago, I was rockin’ my new Despi bikini (thank you Orchid Boutique!) and feeling awesome. I want to help you feel awesome, too! Let’s do this!!


Here are a few tips for feeling awesome in your bathing suit this season…

1. GO workout! Yeah, if you thought I wasn’t gonna say this you were wrong. Go to the gym, lift some weights, squat every week (air squatfront squat, back squat), get your heart rate up, stretch, recover, repeat. Or just find a really good CrossFit gym in your area with excellent coaches who teach good form and join! Best investment ever. There, I said it.

2. Quit gluten and grains. That crap makes you bloat. If you don’t think this applies to you, then you’ve probably been living bloated for a long time now (like I was) and you don’t even know the amazingness that is a flat tummy. Gassiness and bloating after dinner is not normal. Gluten and grains have lecithins that are hard for the body to digest and can cause a very acidic environment in the stomach. If you need more information about why gluten and grains are slowly killing you, go here, here and here. We are all very different, but I have yet to meet someone who is grain-free and says they aren’t healthier.

3. Eat LOTS of green vegetables. Green veggies (think: kale, asparagus, brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, swiss chard) have lots of water in them and are loaded with fiber! These foods help keep your — eh hem — insides clean, limit bloating and digestive problems, and are fantastic for fat loss! Any questions?

4. Drink ~1 gallon of water a day. You need to hydrate. It’s hot out there. Your skin will start to crinkle (ew) if you’re dehydrated. Drink up already!

5. Don’t starve yourself, woman! If I had a dollar for every time a woman told me she was watching her calories more closely now that it’s bikini season, I’d be freaking retired. Here’s something for ya: if you’re eating less than what your body needs, your body goes into fat storing mode because you aren’t feeding it enough. Good food is fuel to the body, and keeps the metabolism purring like a Jaguar. Eat enough clean calories so your body functions properly, you can fuel your workouts (assuming you’re already kicking ass), and so your body doesn’t store unwanted fat. Also, no one likes a hangry girl, just sayin’.


Do you have any tips for feeling good this summer? How are you feeling about “bikini season”?


juicy-1-11 copy

This post encompasses the basis of what my life is made of: kale, lemons, silliness, Mexican blanket patterns (?), sandals and wild, undone hair. Now that summer is basically here, I’m so thrilled to be able to drink a cold green juice on sizzling hot days, let my hair air dry and work on my tan, yo! Getting a tan is one of my top priorities at the moment… which also means I get to finally load up on some vitamin D. Thank goodness.


Oh hey! I’m wearing a Roxy dress and DVF sandals.

juicy-1-5 copy

So let’s talk about juicing. I’m a total juicehead. No, not like one of Snooki’s boyfriends. The greener the better kind of juicehead. Make it a double kind of juicehead. I’ve received a ton of questions about juicing in the past few months so I decided to answer a few here and give you some info on why juicing is awesome, healthy, and totally delicious. It can be tricky sometimes, especially if it’s your first time getting juicy. Hopefully this post answers your questions and gives you some courage to go green with your juicing.

Here are my juicing rules, tricks + tips:

1. Your juice should be made of 90% vegetables, and little fruit. Juicing takes the fiber out of the fruit or vegetable, making it easier to be absorbed by your body and bloodstream. While this can be awesome if you’re juicing kale (YAY!) or any leafy green, juicing only fruit can actually be harmful to your body. Fruit juice is super high in fructose, causing your insulin levels to sky rocket, and then quickly crash. This equals major mood swings, high levels of triglycerides in the liver and a possible future of insulin resistance. No bueno. Fructose isn’t harmful in whole fruit (within reason), but when concentrated in fruit juices, it’s just not a healthy option. If you’re looking to get good flavor in your juices, and if anything green scares you — get over it, seriously — try using one green apple in your juice. Over time your tastebuds will adjust and you’ll be craving kale concoctions.

2. Juice to alkalize. Your body is constantly trying to maintain a balanced pH level. Whatever you eat is either alkaline or acidic. I am a paleo girl, and I eat a lot of animal products which are acidic foods; juicing helps to balance my pH levels so I can have healthy blood. Juicing alkaline foods keeps me cleansed, refreshed, healthy and functioning properly. A 7.4 is an ideal pH, which is neutral, or balanced. Juice plenty of alkaline vegetables! For a list of alkaline and acidic foods, check out this chart.

3. Juicing is not an excuse to get out of EATING your veggies. As previously stated, juicing strips the veggie of it’s fiber. Fiber is essential, not to mention there’s a lot of nutrition in the skin and fiber of the vegetable. Juicing does not and cannot replace eating the whole vegetable. Eat your veggies first, juice your veggies second.

4. Juice organic. I’m an organic snob and I’m not afraid to say it. I know it’s expensive and all, but I’d rather shell out the cash for pesticide-free, GMO-free food than buy an extra pair of shoes or blow money at ______ (fill in the blank). Health is a priority for me and so organic produce it is. If you want to read about GMO foods, click here. If you want to read about why buying organic food is better for your health, click here.

5. Don’t juice to lose weight. Juice cleansing can be great, or it can be really stupid. Your intentions and reasons for juicing should be just to cleanse the body of toxins (maybe after a holiday cookie exchange party or a vacation). If you’re doing a juice cleanse to lose weight, you’ll be sorely disappointed. You will only lose water weight, and the weight will more than likely come right when you start eating again. Be realistic, and do it for the right reasons. If you’re looking to lose weight remember that it takes time, lots of effort and a healthy lifestyle. Juicing can be a great supplement to a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. Get the foundation down first, but feel free to juice as much as you’d like on the side.


My favorite juicing “recipes” are:

Green Juice-

2 cups kale
2 cups romaine lettuce
1 small green apple, core removed
1 small lemon (skin can be removed for less punch but I love it punchy!)
fresh ginger (about the size of the top of your thumb)

Minty Green Juice-

2 cups kale
1 cup collard greens
1 cup spinach
3 stalks celery, chopped
1 small green apple
1 small cucumber
handful of mint

juicy-1-9 copy

More great posts on juicing:

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Happy juicing!



Almost every Saturday afternoon in the spring and summertime is spent at the dog park. Olive loves to play with her friends Stella and Griswold. The place is usually a mud bath, so I’m always in boots. I usually wear shorts and always a crossbody bag – when you’ve got an energetic puppy, you need free hands. Ha! Pretty much like having a kid. We loooove taking Olive to the park and watching her run around in circles. She’s usually way too excited to see her friends to pay any mind to the tennis balls or ropes.

1. Topshop Floral Cap
2. Rebecca Minkoff Skylar Mini Crossbody
3. Elizabeth & James Copley Aviators
4. Hunter Original Short Rain Boots
5. Haute Hippie Camo Shorts
6. Madewell Western Jean Shirt

I absolutely need more baseball caps in my life this season! So perfect for working out in the garden all day or taking Olive + Viv for a walk in our fields. There are few things that make me happier than the combo of sunshine + my puppy.

I just capped a fantastic weekend of working in the gardens, soaking up the sunshine, harvesting our first batch of organic radishes, taking care of the chickens (they are getting so big!), and planting petunias with two scoops of organic ice cream (pistachio and almond-coconut-chocolate chip) from a local ice cream shop down the street! The ice cream is made by hand, and with local cream from grass-fed cows, local eggs from cage-free chickens and local honey. That’s the stuff of our dreams, folks. I’m happy as a clam tonight. How was your weekend?

hires-3818 copy

When re-writing the focus of my blog, I sat down to many blank sheets of paper with no real idea of how to make all my funny ideas come to life. That’s the thing with being inside my own head – I visualize these pretty cool things, but before you know it, I’m off running in the yard with Olive or picking things in the garden before I can make any real plan of action. So those many sheets of paper? Let’s just say I wasn’t being exactly environmentally friendly with my doodles that day (sorry, tree)…

While this “wellness is stylish” thing is totally new for Style Activist, it’s 100% real and true to my everyday life. What you see is what you get, dudes. What I’m sharing here is all stuff I actually do, and I may even tell you weird details that might make us all a little uncomfortable at times (though mostly not, I hope). My life is not really glamourous at all. I’m usually found shaking off my Sorel boots, covered in mud, after another trek with Olive. I wear my Converse to Trader Joe’s. I eat and drink a lot of kale (duh). I wear Nike’s much more than pumps. And I’d rather be biking around the country than shopping at a mall. But I totally feel like there’s real style in all of that: in being yourself and letting it shine. Plus, kale is like the new trendy food apparently or something.. sorry ’bout your luck, Romaine.

hires-4083 copy

J.Crew jacket, t-shirt & heels [similar], Zara pants [frugal][splurge], Karen Walker sunnies & Sorrelli cuff.

hires-4158 copy

The bottom line is that these style posts are now more than just about what I’m wearing, but more about how I attempt to live a happier, healthier life. Because in the end, that’s what really matters, right? There’s nothing more stylish than making awesome happen everyday, whether it involves kale (though it really should), biking (that too), Karl Lagerfeld (meh), or all of the above. Um, but sorry InStyle, if we feel amazing and rock a post green juice glow all day long, we’re best dressed in my book.

hires-3725 copy

I love this internet space, with you, because we can talk about what we love, what we don’t love, what our favorite foods are, when our bloating gets rough, and everything in between. It’s like having lunch with friends except we’re just a few towns away.. maybe? 

photography: DuckDuck Collective
and this gorgeous vintage bike was borrowed from Scene3

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