If you’re like us, and you’ve done a million burpees in your life, I gotta tell you that you’re awesome. But don’t go clicking away just yet! You may be surprised at the tips we share in this post. We’ve been doing burpees for awhile now but after doing some research, we found how many others found it easy to lose good form, and how often even we have fallen slave to slouchy shoulders and sloppy backs. This move is all about form. And if you’re not getting the form right, we’re gonna call it a no-rep. So pay attention.

Now, if you’ve never done a burpee in your life, you’re in for a treat. If you’re traveling and your hotel has no gym, or if you’re stuck indoors because of a storm or hurricane (this happened to us thanks to Sandy), but you want to get a sweat on, you’ll be glad to know how to burpee. You can do this move in your hotel room, in your cubicle, in your living room, or really any space big enough for you to lay flat on your belly and jump a few inches off the ground.

Sometimes our WOD (workout of the day) is to complete as many burpees as we can in an allotted time. And you’re thinking how can one move be that challenging? Oh it can. Let us show you.

The burpee is one of the most dynamic and under-utilized exercises. This movement is an explosive, full body workout that can be performed anywhere and in multiple variations. Today we will show you how to do the basic burpee. Here are step-by-step instructions to perform a basic burpee…enjoy!

Proper positioning points of the burpee:




1. Stand upright with your feet together and your arms down at your side.


2.With your feet still together and your arms close to your side, bend over and reach your hands to the ground. As you bend, your knees should part while your feet stay together (this movement should mimic proper squatting technique; keep the knees spread apart rather than bent in).


3. With your hands now on the ground, you are going to simultaneously lift/kick/jump your feet out from under yourself until you land in the extended push-up position. Prepare to lower yourself until you are laying flat on the ground. Yes! That means your chest MUST hit the floor. None of that planking BS. Get all the way down to the floor!


4. While lying on the ground in a neutral position, you are going to push your chest up off the ground till you are almost in a cobra pose. While you are in this position, be sure to tighten your butt and lower back. Get ready to snap up!


5. The butt and lower back need to be tight because you are going to perform an explosive movement. In this movement, your butt is going to launch back and you are going to simultaneously tuck your legs and pull your feet back up to the original starting point.


Kyle’s wearing: Nike Free Run+ 3 // Under Armour training hat // Adidas shorts // Under Armour t-shirt

6. As soon as you get back into the standing position, you are going to perform an explosive jump with your hands in the air like you are trying to touch the ceiling with both hands. Once you have performed the jump the burpee is complete!

Practice a few times until you feel like you’ve got the movement down. At first, your burpees will be very slow, but over time you will  improve your speed and perfect your form.

Now we’re going to give you a challenge. Ready?

Here’s your WOD:

Perform as many burpees as you can in 16 minutes.

Comment here with how many you were able to complete. We’ll be back to report on how many we do.

Turn on your beast mode and GO!