Yo girl. Yeah, you. You’re staring at your frumpy sweats and baggy tees, thinking, “yeah, there’s no way anyone’s seeing me in these ratty clothes”. Alright. Your point is valid. But instead of making that an excuse to avoid the gym altogether, change something about it and go buy something cute to sweat in!

Forget those black pumps (you already have three pairs that are basically the same thing), and forget that $800 bag that is really just an expensive way for you to lug your crap in… invest in your health! Invest in your fitness! Invest in a nicer booty! Yes, really. Studies say that if you have cute workout clothes that make you feel confident, you’re more apt to GO to the gym and work harder once you get there. In essence, the consequences of cute workout clothes allow you to reach your goals, see progress, thus encouraging you to continue your habit of working out on a regular basis. You know us women, it’s all about the outfit. Literally nothing can stop a woman in a good outfit.

WARNING: Cute workout clothes actually means you have to work HARDER in the gym. I’m not cool with anyone wasting a good outfit, if you know what I mean.

1. Under Armour Hot Shot Reversible Bra
2. Under Armour 1.0 Versa Backpack
3. C9 by Champion Women’s Reversible Bra
4. Nike Tempo Graphic Boyshorts
5. Nike Pro Hyperwarm Print Zip Up
6. Burton Widweight Tight
7. Adidas x Stella McCartney Animal Print Legging
8. Lucas Hugh Printed T-Shirt

Happy Monday! How will you sweat this week?