Spring is around the corner (only 17 days away!) and I’m positively antsy for warm weather! We just got back from a week in South Florida and I have a nice tan and am more than ready to run outside without gloves and earmuffs on. I can’t wait to work out at our box with the garage doors flung wide open. Let me tell you that coming back to PA wasn’t easy at all. I’m excited to come out of winter hibernation and kick my training up a notch or two! Getting serious about your fitness around spring time is usually easier than making it to the gym in the dead of winter. Are you ready to tighten up your bikini body and get sweaty in the gym? Here are my favorite training pieces I’m eyeing up for Spring.

1. Ultra Speed Cable Jump Ropes
2. Lululemon Do It Up Duffel Bag
3. Nike Pro Compression Short
4. Polar Insulated Water Bottle
5. Trigger Point Foam Roller
6. Nike Free Run 3 Running Shoe
7. Under Armour StrappyLux Tank
8. Under Armour Hat

Make an action plan to get ready for Spring! Cut out sweets and eat plenty of leafy greens. Try an organic juice cleanse (I really liked Blue Print) and sign up for a class at your local gym. Start making healthier choices NOW. Waiting only means you’ll be late in the game… and around here it’s all about being on the ball (literally and figuratively).