I’m so glad you’re here.

Because you’re here, I know you’re looking for real change. I know you’re ready to leave your old self behind and create a new, healthy, happy you. You’re looking for the answers to your frustrations. You want to feel incredible, get glowing skin, end the bloating, feel alive and thrive! Bottom line: you want to figure out why your body seems to be your worst enemy at times, you want to understand your body so you can live an incredible life!

Life doesn’t have to be full of pain, allergies, medication, bloating, or exhaustion.

Your life is meant to be vibrant, full and exciting. I’ll show you how.

I know, because I’ve been there. I was you!

I spent several years of my life in a zombie-like state that was riddled with trips to the doctor, medication, obsessing over my weight, embarrassing acne, debilitating allergies, paralyzing depression, severe joint pain, and bloating.

In my social life I tried to pretend that everything was fine. I just wanted so badly to be normal, to be like the rest of the girls who could throw on an outfit, go out and look amazing and enjoy life.

Inside I was miserable, and eventually the pretending became too much to bare. I came to a point where I completely withdrew, and let the pain and sickness overtake me. I felt alone and became the definition of a train-wreck.

Thankfully, with the help of my family and dearest friends, I started on my road to recovery. I quit my then job in fashion PR, moved back home with my parents, enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), and used every last ounce of strength I had in me to focus on my health. I dedicated the following year to diving deep into the world of nutrition, understanding different dietary theories from world-renowned doctors and healers. My laser-focused mission was to find personal overall healing, and now my mission is to support your healing, too.

I tested foods for several months, did the juice cleanses, went gluten-free, tried being a vegetarian, then vegan, then even paleo. I tried bikram yoga, HIIT training, pilates, spin classes, and then finally discovered CrossFit. I went low-carb, then high-carb, then low-fat, and then high-fat. I was my own human experiment for almost two years.

I did all of the hard work so you don’t have to.

You are so incredibly unique. The food menu’s or workout plans you download on the internet are not specifically tailored to you, that’s why they aren’t working. Your needs are not someone else’s needs.

You deserve personalized attention, and this is where you’ll find it. I’m here to help you find the answerm

Should we work together?

+Do you believe you were created to live a more abundant, purpose-filled life but your pain and health seem to always get in the way?

+You know you’re meant for greatness, but your physical, emotional, and mental pain are stopping you?

+All this time you’ve been focusing on getting “skinny”, but now you’re starting to understand that this is probably harming you instead of healing.

+Weight loss? Fat loss? You’re not sure which is right and why no diet or fitness routine seems to be giving you the results you want.

+You want to be in control of your body and ditch bad habits without the stress of inadequacy, uncertainty, and failure.

+You’re ready to quit dieting for good. You crave a sustainable lifestyle that is good for your body, and that doesn’t totally overwhelm you.

+You’re ready to say goodbye to your bloating, and find out what foods are triggering you.

+You want glowing skin that doesn’t leave you feeling ashamed to jump in a photo, or go out with friends.

+You want to look in the mirror and love what you see, instead of avoiding mirrors all together.

+You want to be strong, but need someone else to help you fight for your health and well-being.

+You want to get a handle on your emotions, and finally be the woman who is confident with her head held high.

+You’re tired of what society keeps telling you is “healthy”, and you’re ready to really understand what works for YOU and your body.

+You’re ready to get your health and body to an incredible place so you can begin living the life you know you deserve to live.

If your answer is a resounding ‘YES’,
then you’ve come to the right place!

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My Approach

In my experience and long history of health and fitness failures, I know that the way to success does not begin with a harsh jolt and overwhelming changes. Without a solid foundation, your health will crumble, and this is why we begin with solid intentions, and we take it one step at a time.

You’ve had a lifetime of lifestyle choices and health patterns, and it simply cannot be undone or altered all at once. My 3-part system is PROVEN. I have worked with dozens of individuals who are having huge success with this philosophy of health, and this is the exact strategy I used to create the vibrant life and body I have today.

  • First, you DETOX. You empty the toxic stuff that is weighing you down. This is a total-body clear out that gets you ready to receive limitless health. Without cleansing, your body and life simply cannot be ready to receive blessings of health and love. This isn’t jarring or harmful, but really the best way you can love yourself, and you will learn how to keep cleansing for the rest of your life.
  • Second, you BALANCE. Your hormones become balanced, you understand how to eat the right foods that level you out. Your daily life and your relationships become aligned and healthy. We straighten out everything that feels out of whack in you. It’s invigorating to know that you don’t have to run yourself ragged to attain life-changing health.
  • Third, you THRIVE. In this final step you will become your best self. You build yourself up with real foods that your body needs. You learn the importance that love plays in your health and how to really enter into thrive mode, and leave your old survive mode in the dust.

You will discover how to truly live a healthy life, in body, mind, and spirit. You will fall madly in love with yourself and your life, and your new healthy life will become a part of you, instead of filling up mental space in your head that feels exhausting or taxing.

You will finally end your toxic relationship with your scale, and get into total, crazy, sexy BODY-LOVE that makes you excited to be you.

You will understand what nourishing foods your body needs. Your taste buds will change, and your bad cravings will diminish. Healthy food will become delicious and non-complicated.

Your bloating will end. You will be regular. You won’t have to be in pain. You won’t have to hide in baggy clothes.

Your skin will glow, your teeth will shine. You’ll be beaming from the inside out.

Your life will change, and so will you. You will finally get to live the life you deserve without the bloating, pain or exhaustion to hold you back.

Are you ready to start your new life?

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This program is for those who want really incredible change that will last a lifetime. This program offers the highest support available between you and I. We create habits and a new lifestyle that will change the course of your life. Your health and lifestyle change is my highest priority and we work together closely to achieve your goals and desires. Here’s a preview of what the program includes:

  • a total of twenty four 45-minute sessions
  • e-mail support between sessions
  • recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare
  • coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you desire and need
  • fitness becomes a way for you to love yourself, never punishment
  • we get real about self-love and how to express love for better health
  • confidence, empowerment and strength all become a part of your mentality and lifestyle
  • simple but informative educational tools that help you feel informed and armed with knowledge
  • you understand and implement my health philosophy as taught by world-renowned naturopath, Dr. Lindsey Duncan
  • my personal commitment to your health and success

Investment: $3,500 or 6 monthly payments of $675.

Sign up for Thrive & Come Alive 1-on-1 coaching here.

Who my health coaching IS for…

+you’re not content with mediocre health, life or fitness

+you want to be educated on how to properly nourish your body, spirit and mind

+you’re ready to say “YES” to you and create positive change

+you’re willing to adopt a positive mindset, and leave negativity behind

+you’re ready to make big changes so you can finally be the woman you’re meant to be

+you want MORE out of life

+you crave physical activity, high-touch connections with people, and to feel beautiful in your own skin

Who my health coaching is NOT for…

-those unwilling to give up junk food

-those unwilling to shift their schedule to accommodate for healthy changes

-those who think exercising a few times a month is enough

-those addicted to TV, gossip magazines, laziness, procrastination, excuses

-those looking to just be “skinny”

-those looking for a quick fix

If you still have questions, send me an e-mail and be sure to sign up for your complimentary Discovery Session
where we can dive into your desires and see if working together is a perfect fit!