Whoa. Deep breath. Never did I imagine my life what it is now. I am more overwhelmed while simultaneously ecstatic at the same time. Pretty sure that’s not even possible? Somewhere between deciding to take a sharp turn with the direction of my blog + career and the moment I unburied my innate desire to #BETHEBOSS of my work and life — I found myself here. 



I have been unsuccessfully juggling too many things. Things which include school, starting a business, taking care of two cats, 1 dog and 27 chickens, freelancing, starting another business, taking B-School and oh, I’m sure I’ve missed a few.

Can my head explode now? I’m doing alright but geeeeze.

When was someone going to tell me that juggling 498 things and keeping my sanity would be virtually impossible? Anyone?

So here I am. Happy as a clam, but taking a step back. I have had an overwhelming response to the start of my health coaching business, and so many incredible opportunities come up along the way. Life is so good and I feel so blessed. When you open up your heart and your mind to risks and challenges, crazy things happen. The good crazy.



But I’m in desperate need of balance. And time management. Some say balance doesn’t exist…  I can’t wholeheartedly agree. But it starts with choices. Balance is all about choices, people!

So how do you juggle your endless to-do list and your social life while eating healthy, getting enough rest, working out and um, everything else? Impossible you say? It’s only impossible if you say it is. Here’s how I’ve been making sense of the mess that is my to-do list, while living healthy, working out 6x a week and well, you know…

1. Make a to-do list every night before bed on a 3-inch post-it note. If it doesn’t fit on the sticky note, it probably won’t get done. And no need to overwhelm yourself with what you weren’t able to accomplish. You are only one person!
2. Plan yo meals! I plan my meals for the week on Sunday’s and then take my grocery list to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods the same day. I prep what I can ahead of time and then follow my schedule accordingly. Being a schedule freak has made my life so. much. easier. That is if I follow it :) The trick, of course, is to follow my schedule just like I follow my planner for tasks and appointments. Practice makes perfect.
3. Schedule down time. This is so huge for me. I need fresh air and sunshine to recharge my batteries and renew my creativity stores. Get outside to clear your mind, find solace and peace. Breathe in the fresh air. Lay in the grass. Read a novel. Take a walk. This is healthy for you! You need separated time to just breathe and be present. Soak up those moments. Bonus: Having down time allows you to be more productive when it’s crunch time!
4. Trim the fat. Learn to say no. You do not have to read every book, go to every event, or make an elaborate meal every night. Marie Forleo taught me this: make a list of all the things you think you “have” to do. Then go over it several times. Whatever doesn’t really need to be done? You know those things are there. Cross them out. Toss them out. Overloading is overwhelming.
5. Shut down technology. You do not need to check your e-mail at 11pm. You don’t need to check instagram every 14 minutes. You don’t need to watch TV every night. Dude. Just shut down. I’m trying to enjoy my weekends pretty much cell phone free these days, and it’s so amazing! Too much technology gives me anxiety. Learn to be present, take a load off and do fun IRL things!

What are ways that you balance your busy lifestyle with trying to be healthy?
Do you find that when you’re busy your health and fitness take a backseat?

These photos were taken by my amazing friends at DuckDuck Collective. They really accurately depict my love for fresh air, adventure, nature and peace. I’m wearing a Zara dress, Sorrelli gems and NARS Funny Face lipstick.