I am always one to resist fall because I dread the end of summer so much. Summer is my first love. Fall, however, has slowly crept up into my lap and is winning me over with treats and steaming mugs of pumpkin spice tea… just a little, though.

I truly believe in living in the moment, and I am trying to practice what I preach, so with that I made a list of exciting things to do from now until all the trees are bare and Christmas carols sweep our radios.

1. Make Paleo Cinnamon Rolls.  I was never a big cinnamon roll lover until I found this recipe. Lezzbe honest, the combo of a hot cup of cocoa and a fat, chewy cinnamon roll cannot be beat.

2. Take a roadtrip to the Northeast. Kyle has never been to Boston and I’m dying to go explore the North. I think a weekend roadtrip to Massachusetts could be the best November activity ever. He would love a tall glass of Oktoberfest and I’d love to see the coastline.

3. Go red head. YES! I finally grew some cahones and have decided to color my head red after seeing this post. My life feels like a wild adventure most days and I want my hair to reflect that. Now to decide just how red…

4. Go apple pickin’. Because duh.


5. Make a lot of pies. Particularly this apple pie recipe, this pumpkin pie recipe, and this pecan pie recipe. You can never have enough pie, I always say.

6. Top said pies with this homemade coconut milk french vanilla ice cream — which is THE BEST paleo ice cream recipe I’ve ever had.. and I’ve had many, my friends. #icecreamaddict

7. Roast ‘mallows by the fire with our friends. Using this marshmallow recipe. Maybe even make s’mores? Mmm…

8. Go hiking. Not that I’m all that outdoorsy, or that I even own hiking boots. But there is something to be said about standing on top of a mountain, and seeing a canvas of leaves painted brightly in yellows and reds.

9. Buy a new pair of riding boots. I love the weathered, old look of these boots. But I love these, too.

10. Listen to this playlist over and over. Preferably while wrapped in a big cashmere sweater, wearing Minnetonka’s.


Here’s to living in the moment and embracing each season as it comes. (I still miss you, summer).


image sources: coffee*, road*, leaves*, cinnamon rolls*, apple car*, deer*, pie*, pumpkin, marshmallows*, trees, dough*, hair*.
*original source unknown. if you or someone you know owns the image, please let me know!