Now that Olive Oil is a little over 1 years old, I was really itching to get another puppy. I think everyone thinks I’m crazy for it, but Olive was so easy to train that I felt like getting another rescue girl would be no problem for us. We’ve been busy around here lately so Olive had been napping more than usual, and let’s be honest, there’s only so much a dog can do to keep themselves occupied for so long. Aside from her daily afternoon walk, she wasn’t getting as much exercise as I wanted and I kept having visions of her playing on the farm with a new best friend.

Fast forward a few months later and here we are. Meet Mila. She is another rescue pitbull that we fell in love with when we saw her at Last Chance Ranch, which is an incredible no-kill shelter that rescues and rehabilitates dogs, cats, chickens, horses, goats, pigs and even emu’s! We actually adopted Olive from LCR, too. We brought Olive to meet two rescue puppies who had been rescued 10 days earlier from the streets of Philadelphia. Olive and Mila made the choice themselves; they completely hit it off and became friends… but only after Olive did some growling to put the two rambunctious pups in their place. It’s funny what a dog will tell you if you pay attention.

As you can tell, we have a soft spot for pitbulls. After getting Olive last year, we truly realized how incredible this breed is and how misinformed the majority of the population is. We wish to spread awareness that it is not the breeds fault, but the owner’s. It is our responsibility to socialize, train and care for our dogs – no matter what the breed is. Our dog’s behavior is the result of our actions.


Mila is so sassy and has the most adorable floppy ears. The tip of her tail is missing, and we suspect that someone was either playing a cruel joke or it was chewed off by rats in a Philly alleyway. She is phased by nothing, unlike Olive who is a sensitive lamb. They balance each other out quite nicely, and love to play tug of war or tease each other with their bones. They love to cuddle. They really are best friends!


We are trying to get her to see the chickens as friends. Not going so well. I think all she’s seeing is dinner.


If you’re in the Pennsylvania area and looking to adopt an animal, please check out Last Chance Ranch. They are an incredible group of people who help a lot of animals. If you can’t adopt, but would like to donate, go here. Your generosity will make a huge difference! Please support these kinds of shelters who rescue animals, instead of supporting puppy mills that do things that are cruel and inhumane.

Adopt – you won’t be sorry :)