As you can easily tell, I’ve taken quite the hiatus from blogging and the majority of social media interaction lately (albeit the occasional puppy-gram of my two fur babes). To be honest, life got crazy! We’re in the process of moving into a new house, we have two dogs, we’re super active in CrossFit, we’re both working a lot… you know, that thing we call life. And I’ve been doing some soul searching lately, too, in regards to the purpose of my blog. I just turned 25 last month and it was the most blissful, ordinary day. We didn’t do anything extravagant, but it was just a celebration of the simple things in life; the blessings we’ve been given, and our very breath that allows us the opportunity breathe life and love into others. This new year feels like a new start; I look at my blog now  and I see less and less of me in it as time passes. So much has changed in the past several months and I realize that I want something much greater for this online space, and for my readers. It’s been weighing on me for awhile. 2013 was an incredible year of experimentation and learning, as well as much failure and heartache. Now 2014 has quickly become a year of discovery and reward. And this year feels like a launching pad into what life was meant to be for us. We couldn’t be more excited.

This new Spring season is symbolic of how I feel about my life and this blog. Style Activist has become such a part of me, but for awhile it became something I couldn’t recognize.. and I honestly started to resent my blog and all of blogging as a whole. Ridiculous right? It became something that was so frustrating because I let comparison and regimen steal my joy.

So I’m going to be sharing just a lot of me, and what everyday life is like for us, and a lot about what inspires me. Also decorating our place! And feeding ourselves to remain fit and strong. Things like that. We are not glamorous people. I do not (and would not) eat cake for breakfast. I haven’t worn high heels since……. yeah, I can’t even remember. I’m usually in workout clothes, and have probably spilled a green smoothie on my shirt. We are just about living life fully, sleeping in when we feel like it, taking the dogs for a walk, living healthy, happy, lives.

So there you have it. Let’s focus on being present in the moment, and living the lives we always dreamed of.


Brb. xo.


{image via a dead end rabbit trail on pinterest.. if you own it, let me know!}