So I guess it’s time to update you.

With all of the many things that I have pursued or tested, I am glad to hear when people see it as perseverance, versus the inability to be a part of the “real world”, or something like that. Though I have heard that reaction a time or two.. eh hem. I’m talking about work. Making a living. My job. Or “job”. Because some seem to think that just because I don’t punch a time card, I don’t have a “real job”. It don’t bother me none.

On the contrary.

I love my now job. (But wait, actually.. I hate the word “job”… *shudder*).

In the past several months I have experimented with a few things in hopes to help me carry out my mission in life: to help everyone I possibly can become healthier and happier. As a result, I have come across some things that worked, and some that didn’t. And that’s ok. I love being able to say that I tried. You never know until you try, right?

I’ll just come out and say it though. In the past several months I spread myself too thin and I was not able to produce quality. I mean I haven’t even been blogging? I hated that. I was mentally frantic and thus physically exhausted. I spent less time doing the things I envisioned doing and more time up to my eyeballs in post-it notes. I was terrible with e-mails and may or may not have accidentally ignored important ones (sorry, everyone). I failed in many ways, but not without a lesson learned. That’s the problem with being “busy”. You end up sucking at a lot of things. And I’d like to try and make it a point not to suck. Stop the glorification of busy. Just. Stop.

SO. Moving on…

I have made the decision to close down Honest Goodness. For financial investment reasons and because I felt as if many doors I came banging to with balled up fists were completely shut tight, and for reasons I now understand. I may have two parties interested in buying the business. If someone does buy the business, then I will keep you updated on that so you can continue to support it and it’s cause. If they don’t, I will release all of the recipes to my products here on my blog. My family is going to kill me for saying that. Oops. I feel like it’s the right thing to do because you have all been the biggest support system. I have been battling with this decision since early September. I am a true believer in “where there’s a will, there’s a way”, but after MUCH prayer and soul searching, I realized this was simply not meant to be. In fact, something better came along and I am 100% confident it was a God thing. If you’re wondering why I can’t make it work, I will just tell you because I believe that yes, I can do anything I put my mind to, but I can’t do everything. And sometimes we have to make a choice. This is mine, and I stand by it.

I had been praying continuously since the middle of August, and providence came down and gave me a big hug. I know it may sound capricious or flighty, but I feel like with everything I’ve been through with my own health, well, it all happened for a very good reason. And that reason is so that I can use my story and experience to help as many people as I can. I felt like Honest Goodness was not that avenue, but it allowed for so much growth and I will always be grateful for that.

So what am I doing now? 

I started working with an incredible nutrition company two months ago that was literally the dream I envisioned, but didn’t know could exist. I’m building a business that will potentially reach thousands and I’ve never been a part of something so rewarding. I feel immeasurably blessed and am beyond excited to wake up everyday to “work”. I’m not going to give specific details here on the blog for the reason that I want to protect my business from sounding casual or impermanent.

I am health coaching only minimally, so I can truly give personal attention to each of my clients. And I am still coaching CrossFit part-time. I have really really downsized. Ironically, I am on track to be more financially successful in 2014 than I have ever been.

And I’m also jamming out to this song a lot and drinking a lot of green smoothies and playing with our beautiful pups.

If you are someone who shares the same vision that I do, that there is no greater reward than giving health and happiness to someone, get in touch with me. We could possibly work together. If your dream is completely different, that’s ok. But go hard and get after it. No one is going to give it to you. And a lot of times you have to try a lot of things before you find something that clicks. But for goodness sake, never give up on your passion. As long as we continuously evolve, grow and learn, we cannot fail.


Thanks for reading, as always. And for encouraging me along this crazy ride. Sometimes I wonder how many of you actually think I’ve got some bolts loose…? Anyway, it feels so good to get all of that off my chest. Sidenote: if you need some major inspo, go read some Steve Jobs quotes. Works every time.