bikini season

1. Aviators \ 2. Despi Bikini \ 3. Isabel Weekender \ 4. Isapera Sandals \ 5. Wappo Bracelet \ 6. Seafolly Kaftan (ON SALE!)

Summer is my all. time. favorite. thing. ever.  Popsicles, neon toenails, ripped cutoffs, beachy waves, sunkissed skin, summer concerts, late night swimming, sandals, bikinis, bright colors, the smell of the ocean… I could go on forever, but you get it.

I gotta say, this will probably be the first summer of my life that I’m not feeling self conscious in a bikini. I’ve always been into fitness, but since starting CrossFit this past winter? I kinda feel like a whole new woman. I feel confident and strong! It’s taken me a lot to actually say that, but when Kyle and I went to the beach a few weekends ago, I was rockin’ my new Despi bikini (thank you Orchid Boutique!) and feeling awesome. I want to help you feel awesome, too! Let’s do this!!


Here are a few tips for feeling awesome in your bathing suit this season…

1. GO workout! Yeah, if you thought I wasn’t gonna say this you were wrong. Go to the gym, lift some weights, squat every week (air squatfront squat, back squat), get your heart rate up, stretch, recover, repeat. Or just find a really good CrossFit gym in your area with excellent coaches who teach good form and join! Best investment ever. There, I said it.

2. Quit gluten and grains. That crap makes you bloat. If you don’t think this applies to you, then you’ve probably been living bloated for a long time now (like I was) and you don’t even know the amazingness that is a flat tummy. Gassiness and bloating after dinner is not normal. Gluten and grains have lecithins that are hard for the body to digest and can cause a very acidic environment in the stomach. If you need more information about why gluten and grains are slowly killing you, go here, here and here. We are all very different, but I have yet to meet someone who is grain-free and says they aren’t healthier.

3. Eat LOTS of green vegetables. Green veggies (think: kale, asparagus, brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, swiss chard) have lots of water in them and are loaded with fiber! These foods help keep your — eh hem — insides clean, limit bloating and digestive problems, and are fantastic for fat loss! Any questions?

4. Drink ~1 gallon of water a day. You need to hydrate. It’s hot out there. Your skin will start to crinkle (ew) if you’re dehydrated. Drink up already!

5. Don’t starve yourself, woman! If I had a dollar for every time a woman told me she was watching her calories more closely now that it’s bikini season, I’d be freaking retired. Here’s something for ya: if you’re eating less than what your body needs, your body goes into fat storing mode because you aren’t feeding it enough. Good food is fuel to the body, and keeps the metabolism purring like a Jaguar. Eat enough clean calories so your body functions properly, you can fuel your workouts (assuming you’re already kicking ass), and so your body doesn’t store unwanted fat. Also, no one likes a hangry girl, just sayin’.


Do you have any tips for feeling good this summer? How are you feeling about “bikini season”?