Almost every Saturday afternoon in the spring and summertime is spent at the dog park. Olive loves to play with her friends Stella and Griswold. The place is usually a mud bath, so I’m always in boots. I usually wear shorts and always a crossbody bag – when you’ve got an energetic puppy, you need free hands. Ha! Pretty much like having a kid. We loooove taking Olive to the park and watching her run around in circles. She’s usually way too excited to see her friends to pay any mind to the tennis balls or ropes.

1. Topshop Floral Cap
2. Rebecca Minkoff Skylar Mini Crossbody
3. Elizabeth & James Copley Aviators
4. Hunter Original Short Rain Boots
5. Haute Hippie Camo Shorts
6. Madewell Western Jean Shirt

I absolutely need more baseball caps in my life this season! So perfect for working out in the garden all day or taking Olive + Viv for a walk in our fields. There are few things that make me happier than the combo of sunshine + my puppy.

I just capped a fantastic weekend of working in the gardens, soaking up the sunshine, harvesting our first batch of organic radishes, taking care of the chickens (they are getting so big!), and planting petunias with two scoops of organic ice cream (pistachio and almond-coconut-chocolate chip) from a local ice cream shop down the street! The ice cream is made by hand, and with local cream from grass-fed cows, local eggs from cage-free chickens and local honey. That’s the stuff of our dreams, folks. I’m happy as a clam tonight. How was your weekend?